An Introduction to Tree Magick

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Tree magick is often overlooked in the green witch’s toolbox. There is a tendency to focus on flowers and herbs; when in reality the tree is a staple in our everyday lives and should be honoured. We live in homes built and finished with wood, we read and write on paper, and much of our medicine is obtained from trees. The very air we breath relies on our symbiotic relationship with trees.

So where to begin? How can you, a green witch or folk practitioner, incorporate tree magick into your practice?

Sycamore Trees and Divination

Divination has become synonymous with the likes of tarot and runes, but there are many other ways to seek knowledge and answers. One of which is asking the sycamore for guidance.

The sycamore tree is known for its divination properties; many practitioners use the wood of this tree when making pendulums or pendulum boards. It is associated with both Libra and Virgo, air and earth, making it a dependable and grounded source of magickal energy.

A Simple Sycamore Ritual


  • A sycamore tree with leaves
  • Charcoal
  • A vine or garden twine
  • A small offering such a silver coin
  • The question/topic on which you need guidance

Find your chosen sycamore tree. Take your time to connect with the tree; this could mean sitting at its base with your back against its trunk or standing with your palm flat against the bark. During this stage, many like to ask the tree for permission and explain why they are visiting on this day.

When you are ready, pick a leaf from the tree. Using your charcoal, draw a symbol on the leaf that represents your question.

Carrying the leaf, walk around the tree in a clockwise direction, nine times. Whilst doing this, focus on your question in your mind or say it aloud.

After you have completed the nine rotations, take the leaf and lay it against the trunk of the tree, use the vine/twine to tie the leaf to the tree. If this is not possible because the tree trunk is too wide, you can choose a branch and tie the leaf to it in a similar fashion.

Take your offering and bury it at the base of the tree. Give thanks to the tree and the forest, and leave.

Over the next few days you will find the answer to your question is revealed, and you will find clarity regarding the situation.

Using this Ritual with Other Trees

Each species of tree has its own magickal association, and so the ritual can be adapted to suit your needs. For example, if you are being bothered by a malevolent force and wish for protection, choose the holly tree. If you would like to fall pregnant, choose the chestnut.

Below is a short list of possible topics under which your question or situation may fall, followed by a list of common trees that can aid in finding your answer.

DIVINATION/WISDOM/QUESTIONS:Sycamore, yew, willow, poplar, oak, beech
SEXUAL/FERTILITY:Willow, chestnut, rowan, oak, hazel, hawthorn, lilac, juniper, hawthorn, cherry
HEALING (EMOTIONAL OR SPIRITUAL):Yew, linden, elm, elder
PROTECTING AGAINST MALEVOLENCE:Holly, pine, rowan, oak, elder, cherry, plum

Article written by Victoria Snaith

Victoria is a magick wand maker. Her work has been inspired by the magickal properties and folk lore surround the trees with which she works. All her wands sourced from the ancient woodland where she lives. Victoria cuts the wood herself, dries it, and creates the wands. Victoria says, “Each piece of wood is different, as is each tree, resulting in a wand just as unique as you. I’ve devoted years to learning about the magickal properties of the wood I use.”

Victoria’s exclusive Mamma Gaia wand collection is available now in the Mamma Gaia shop.

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