7 Spiritual Practices for self care when you don’t feel like it.

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We all struggle with consistency in our routines, be it in our physical life or our spiritual lives. With the two being so heavily dependant on one another its important to look after both. Below are some simple routines designed to help you do just that! I designed this with the words “minimum effort” in mind. I wanted to come up with practices that are realistic even on those really bad days.

Respect the body and the space you are in by turning habit to ritual 

We all know the importance of cleansing our space, our auras and chakras but what about our physical bodies?  Any daily chore from showering to cleaning the house can be turned into a cleansing ritual without the addition of complex ingredients. Simply being conscious of the energetic impact of our actions can imbue the simplest task with so much power!  Feel the warm water cleansing your spiritual body and sweep away negative energy. Even taking out your rubbish can become a banishing spell. Simply picture the person and declare “ I am done with your rubbish!”. You can Stir a sigil into your morning coffee, or draw sigils on your skin with moisturiser, anything goes!

This practice is all about being present and taking advantage of all the small moments in your day to day life. A ritual like a habit is something we repeat over time, take all of Your habits and turn them into rituals!

Make lists regularly even if you never look at them again!

The act of writing out our inner world onto paper is in itself a form of manifestation. You have taken a thought that cannot be seen or heard in this world and made it tangible. In doing this you create an anchor for those feelings, they now exist outside of yourself, you can touch them, control them, keep them secret or display them.  Whether the feelings are negative or Positive doesn’t matter, listing is a universal prescription for both.

You can burn those feelings you no longer wish to keep and treasure the ones you do. You can spend hours making a mood board out of them but keeping a journal under your bed is still a great way to manifest your dreams. There is no pressure involved,  its just a way to check in and have a conversation with yourself.


Aromatherapy  is excellent because the only thing you need to do to feel the benefits, is breath. It also pairs wonderfully with step one,  as we well know lighting a candle or incense stick is a great way to turn something into a ritual. The scent of a person or place has the ability to change our feelings about said person or place. Keep yourself and your surroundings cloaked in a fragrance that makes you feel good.

In addition to this, you can use aromatherapy as a gateway to other practices such as divination. When using flame or smoke in your aromatherapy take a few moments to ask some questions and stare into the smoke or flame. Note down any shapes, patterns, images or behaviour that stands out to you and interpret it.

Meditation and light exercise even if its only 5 minutes!

Meditation and exercise not only boost your serotonin but they keep you in sync with the cycles of nature. Meditation at its simplest allows us to connect with ourselves, quite our mind and observe our thoughts. Coupled with a few stretches and walk to the shops  you have a killer combination for keeping your energy levels in check.

Exercise may not seem like minimal effort but you don’t need to go jogging to feel it benefits. Some jumping on the spot will do if that’s all you feel capable of, the important thing is to raise that heart rate and get the blood pumping. 

Spend time in nature

Spending time in nature is guaranteed to raise your vibration and help you come back to a state of being that is more natural. Not only are you soaking up all that vitamin D and getting some natural aromatherapy but you catching all those free electrons flying about!

You are a human conductor for the energies around you and nature is the perfect source of power.   When in nature try to find a little piece of it to take home, anything from a fallen log to a blade of grass so that you can bring this vibration home with you. 

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude has the ability to change our perspective and to shed light on those things we take for granted. It’s easy to build a ritual around gratitude and it doesn’t need to be complicated or all consuming. They can be small and simple.

Some ideas include, Thinking of 3 things you are grateful for when you wake up and/or go to sleep. Creating a jar to write down and store the things you are grateful for; this is also a nice way of energetically protecting those things. Listing them down or telling someone else what you are grateful for.

Tell Yourself that you love yourself!

It sounds cliche but very few of us keep this as an active practice. In fact many of us do the opposite, we critique ourselves and put ourselves down. Many of us avoid saying the words in the mirror because it doesn’t resonate as truth. It becomes a painful reminder of just how much work there is to be done.

Make a conscious effort to kiss the mirror and write yourself love notes. Apologise to yourself for being so harsh in the past and make amends with your inner self.

I Hope You find these tips and tricks useful and have a good day!

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