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Mamma Gaia is dedicated to you and your spiritual development which is why we try our very best to offer the largest variety of services we can. Everything shown on the website is in stock and ready to order. Enjoy your Mamma Gaia experience!
Quality Pagan Products
We at Mamma Gaia are devoted to fulfilling your spiritual needs and lifting your spirit! Our handmade stock such as our lovingly made sculptures and canvases are inspired by Indo- European, Norse and Celtic myths and imagery. We also stock a wide range of pagan products including Art, Crystal’s, incense and much more!

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Learn more about what we do at Mamma Gaia and introduce yourself to the team. Find out more information on the services and products we offer.

Spiritual Reading Services

Dedicated to your spiritual development
Rune Readings UK

Rune Readings

The runes are a tool of divination used to decipher the lessons and challenges of life. Their symbols are based on Germanic Norse dialect.

Palmistry Readings

Palmistry creates a map of your reality in the palm of your hand. The study of shapes and lines on the palm reveals your defining attributes and major life events.
Tarot Readings UK

Tarot Readings

The tarot is a wonderful way to look at your life from an observers perspective and allow your mind to be free. A reading can be the key to revealing key factors of your past, present and future!


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Neive Harrison
Neive is a fully certified tarot reader, chiromancer, holistic healer and life coach. She has been an active practitioner of the spiritual principles for 6 years and a practicing witch for 10 years. “I founded Mamma Gaia as a way for me to share my art and knowledge with others.” She also makes Mamma Gaia’s beautiful sculptures as well as potions and spells. You can learn more about Neive by following her articles on the Mamma Gaia blog.
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